Scottish Terrier Club of Greater Louisville

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Recent and Upcoming Events

On this page we'll describe some of the interesting and fun activities for you and your Scotties.

May Meeting
Friday, 9 MAY 2014 7 P.M. at Highlands Kroger

Grooming Seminar

May 10/11  sponsored by STCGL  

Presenter: Cindy Cooke

Place:  8604 Eagle Trail, Charlestown, IN  47111-9605

Cost: 30.00 per person for the two day seminar.

Contact: or 502-259-8220 for more information

Disregard any information below this point.

STCGL Meeting Friday, 7 P.M. on November 11th at the Beachy's. 9107 Lethborough Dr, Louisville, KY  40299-1439